News for one link April 24, 2020


🌹 when OLX distributes VND 100 million for each of the first VND 1 billion, 2% of all OLX wallets will be issued in hot wallets and can be sold for 100% cash. The company has an acquisition fund for this.
🌹 Each 10 million OLX sold, price will increased by 0.004 USDT.
🌹 When 500-600 million OLX is distributed to the market, OneTrading (forex, crytpto, gold / silver / index …) will be applied.
When 1-2 billion OLX are distributed to the market, OneMall will be opened.
🌹 50% of 21 billion OLX, ~ 10-11 billion OLX distribution, OLX will officially be present (on the exchange) for trading, exchanging cryptocurrencies. One of them is Singapore crypto exchange. It is expected that there will be 10 million members of OneLinkNetwork at that time, and more in the OnePassport platform.

💦 some routes will be available at members’ support offices by the end of May.
💦 Currently we are still in the pre-launch phase …

ONELINK company plans to break all industry records -> over 3 billion users in 5 years; AND reach 10 billion OLX distribution anytime within the next 24 months (then available at many cryptocurrency exchanges; with an external value of 4.4 USDT; stable and stable price growth based on on supply / demand)

💣 Once the corona virus is under control, there will be the first ONEPASSPORT global event ĐoànThe Group will take good care of MLM leaders very well … The first 111 Diamonds will have a special $ 100,000 Black Debit Card, plus other rewards . 💦So far, there has been 1 leader who has just completed the Diamond rank and will have a Black Master Card soon …