One link network concept

One link network overview

One link network is an one stop online program for one school, one mall, one love with profit sharing concept.

One link network referral benefits will share certain percentage with the users. For example, invest $500 to buy olx coin, you can override sponsor bonus 10%, matching bonus 10% first level and global pool 3% and network bonus 10% and leadership rewards.

Màrketing plan One Link Network

What is One link network?

One link network

Start Learning about how you can take part in ONELINK to combine the “Social Economy” with Blockchain Technologies. Most Importantly, how can you benefit from this huge wave that is already affecting thousands of people globally.

How are you going to be part of this Social Revolution?

OneLink: the currency of the social economy. Everyone is linked together in this social economy using the currency of the social economy: OLX!

Now is the time to accumulate as much OLX as possible and get ahead.

We are giving bonus OLX for those who upgrade their accounts. See the info below:

The technical team of One link network takes the user’s safety as the first thing and provides a safe and comfortable using environment for global users.

Prediction of One link network coin Price will continue UP?

One link network Eco Circle: Demand of One link network continuously increase caused token price increase. Below are various types of demand:

  1. One school
  2. One Mall
  3. Global business application

Features ads:

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One link network App APPS

sign up steps  1) select language at the bottom left and click “register” icon at upper right 2) The next step is write email and enter username you like. 3) Fill up the password you like 4) click agree terms and submit 5) try login 6) setup trading password 6 digits number.

For my team member only I will provide support. My sponsor number. matrix88

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How to use one link network dashboard:

  • Click dashboard, bottom right side got a “deposit” icon.
  • In the dashboard, you can copy the referral link and send to your friends.
  • You can check your team network with clicking my team or my network.
  • Click “rewards” icon you can get bv value and number of team members.
  • Click “upgrade” to upgrade your position after deposit the Usdt erc20.
  • Click the announcement to get latest news.
  • Click the download icon for the program brochure in 4 languages.

One link coin value

One link app (coming soon)

How to earn?

Buy OLX coin to invest or use for One trading, One mall, one love, one school, one passport and products.

When more and more people use Olx coin to spend and invest, the value will increase. For example cryptos such as bitcoin, eth, bch, xmr and more.

Besides, we have various kind of rewards such as homes and cars, travel. Sponsor bonus 10%, matching bonus 10% first level and global pool 3% and network bonus 10% and leadership rewards.  Every month the company pays 4 times (weekly income) 60/40 ie 60% can withdraw immediately and 40% commission must buy coins stored in cold wallets. The cycle for every 10 million coin sold, coin price will increased.

One Link Social Network program

One Link Network all in one

One link network one love

One school one link

One Trading one link

How to check your downline left and right?

  • Click My network and click community. You can see all the diwnlines including direct and indirect sponsoring.
  • Click my network and click sponsor tree. This is your personal sponsors.
  • Click my network and click network tree. You can check your downline and his upline.
  • Click rewards. You can know how many downlines in numbers.

Hope help.


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One link coin one solution

One link One passport

One link coin (OLX) Historical Price Trend
㊙ olx Price Historical Trend
Year 2020.04.22: 0.4$
Price at Uptrend. 📈📈📈

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